Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Santa's snail mail

IT is the time of year to be thinking about Christmas cards and being in the marketing business, I wanted to impress clients with a company card, to thank all those who had supported my new venture.
New technology would surely help my search for an appropriate design. So I started trawling the internet. Could I find the right message? No I couldn’t. And even if I had the ordering and payment systems were far from straight forward.
And then I had a brainwave. How about buying my cards, from a shop, on the High Street, and paying over the counter, with cash? Quaint old-fashioned thing that I am.
All I have to do now is write them all out, long-hand, with a pen, then put them in envelopes, with addresses, put on a stamp and take them to a post box.
Then a man can come in the middle of the night, in the freezing cold, to take them to Preston, to be sorted, so another man can come round delivering them, by hand (if he's not on strike, that is).
This old technology makes no sense at all and will never catch on. But it still suits me.

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